with technology being one of the major enablers, it is ensured that registrations and delivery of documents to the parties happen faster in comparison to the conventional methods. The broad level objectives are:

  • One Nation One Software
  • Generic platform for registration of properties and document across the country
  • Citizen empowerment by enabling property valuation and online document submission
  • A single platform of all the stakeholders in registration process


  • Citizen’s registration to request the access permission of the system
  • Facility for online document entry for citizens
  • Online valuation module with stamp duty calculation
  • Role based access to citizens and department users
  • SMS facility to send alerts to citizens and departmental users
  • E KYC – UID based authentication with the help of biometric or iris at the time of admission
  • Hierarchy based maker/ checker facility
  • Email enabled alerts to citizens and users
  • Linking with land records system
  • Linking with stamp inventory software to avoid duplicate usage of used stamp paper
  • Storage of copy of registered documents using scanning technology
  • Facility to view & download scanned documents and generate certified copy of authorized user
  • Registration can be done anywhere within concurrent jurisdiction
  • Unicode based local language support
  • Single login credentials for all modules

Development of NGDRS

The product has been developed using open source development tools. It is a web-based system implementing a single instance for an entire state. As the name implies, the software is generic in nature and is deployed as a state specific instance. The development was carried out considering the uniqueness and practices in all states’ registration departments. Following steps were involved in the same:

  • A questionnaire was designed and circulated to the Inspector General of Registrations of all the states and majority of them were filled as per state specific requirements with the help of local NIC officials.
  • Based on the inputs, a gap analysis report was prepared.
  • Thereafter, a System Requirement Specifications document was prepared, which was approved by the Department of Land Resources at the Government of India level.
  • Finally, based on the requirements elicited from the tacit knowledge of functionaries, a product came out called NGDRS.